In The Field

With upcoming change to daylight saving it’s time to start thinking about Field Archery in the warmer weather and longer days. There are some exciting developments happening as we approach Christmas.

  • We had a test shoot on a proposed 3D course to assess safety at the Makara range last week. More on this to follow and the first open shoot.
  • NZ Bowhunter championship has been moved 6-7 November (Franklyn County Archers & Whitiford Archers). Interest in a road trip for Mana archers to compete is open for discussion.
  • Learn to shoot field coaching is on offer subject to demand.
  • Proposed Wellington Field Archery League

Makara Field Archery

The club is in the fortunate position of being granted access to private land in South Makara to undertake 3D field shoots and training for standard field rounds. The 3D range area is almost complete having been assessed for safety and access.

  • We have scheduled the first Mana Archery Club 3D shoot at the Makara range for October 17th.
  • We will run the shoot under NZFAA rules (3 arrow round) but will keep the distances relatively short (range 2m to 45m approx.)
  • This shoot is available to experienced field archers only as we will be shooting from one peg.
  • An introductory training course and shoots specifically targeted to introduce field archery without losing and destroying arrows will follow shortly.

Lower North Island Field Series

We have been in discussion with Trentham Archery Club about organizing some interclub shoots under WA rules.

  • These are less challenging than NZFAA (shorter distances) with different pegs for the various bow styles and age groups.
  • If the demand is there we will push forward to try and make this happen.
  • Keep an eye on the club webpage as we will need to get those interested to sign up so we have an idea of numbers, as parking is limited. There will be a small cost to shoot to cover replacement of club 3D targets and the use of private targets and resources. More details to follow.

Bowhunter National Championship

If you are interested in attending The Bowhunter National Championship, and going up to stay as team please contact either Darren, Graeme or Gordon.