Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. All genders. World Archery and the Wellington Archery Association still shoot by male female divisions.  Mana Archery club often holds shoots which are not gender based as most archery rounds and distances allow all genders to compete at the same level.

Mana has a progressive achievement programme taking you from beginner level through the Archery New Zealand system, which caters for archers up to elite level.

We shoot outdoors at the Plimmerton domain year round.

Our current club fees and optional  affiliation fees are found here

We encourage archers to be 12 years of age before they start.
There is no maximum age, health permitting.

  1. 9.30 am to Midday Saturday at Plimmerton Domain
  2. 5 to 9pm at Porirua Kennel Club, Prosser St. Porirua 

Check our Facebook page for latest updates as often in good weather there is additional times when the range is open.

If you are inexperienced we ask you not to buy your own gear until you have been through the beginner course and are guided by an experienced coach on what you need.

Yes. We don’t have anywhere to securely store gear at the indoor range.

We have archers who shoot longbows, horse bows, bare bow recurve,  olympic recurve bows and compounds. Unfortunately we cannot cater for crossbows.

If you are keen to buy you own gear  after completing the beginner course, good archery equipment starts in the region of $500.00. For social archery this can be much less. This will be sufficient for most archers for a couple of years, which is usually when they will want to upgrade.

Mana Archery Club regularly runs competitions and members participate in organized tournaments, from interclub shoots, through to regional and national level.

For some divisions and classes the club currently has some World Champions including some National record holders.

Our best competitive archers are always willing to impart advice and mentor those keen to be competitive.  

We have club members who hunt.

However, we do not run or organize any hunting activity.  Our field section do run 3d animal shoots which give a taste of hunting without the ‘kill’. See our our field pages for more information

Unfortunately, there is no one body and it depends upon your interest and style of shooting. We have members who belong to none and some to one or more depending upon their needs. We can advise which affiliation is best for you as memberships is in addition to the club fees.

The club itself is affiliated to the WAA, ANZ and NZFAA. The WA and IFFA are world governing bodies.