Mana 400 Series

The Mana 400 is a club run shoot held three to five times each year.

It has three challenges:

  1. The individual achievement award for scores 400 and over at each shoot.
  2. Announce an event winner on the day for each category based upon the total points scored from each round.
  3. A series event winner for the year based upon the sum of:
    1. 1st place – 100 points
    2. 2nd place – 80 points
    3. 3rd place – 60 points
    4. 4th place – 50 points
    5. 5th and greater – 40 points
    6. Plus additional 100 points when a archer scores 5 or more Xs
    7. Best two scores for each archer is used for series placing
    8. Example – First place = 100, plus 5 x X’s +100, Total 200 for the day.

      After 4 rounds = 4 first places = 400, plus 5 x X’s +400, Plus best two rounds 550 + 525 (1075) = 1875 points total

Rules for the Mana 400 series

  1. The series is restricted to members of Mana Archery Club i.e. individuals, family and associate.
  2. There will be six shooting categories with no distinction between junior, senior, master, male or female in any category
  3. The series will comprise of a minimum of 3 events but no more than 5 events.
  4. Each event is to be held under tournament conditions introducing novices to competitive archery. This will include:
    1. The line will be controlled
    2. Scores accurately recorded on scoresheets in line with Archery New Zealand standards.
    3. An acting judge will be appointed for the day.
    4. Bow inspection at the discretion of the judge on the day.

Shooting Categories

Novice Recurve – Less than 1 years’ experience or ‘social’ member using club bows and equipment. There will be no category for novice compound or novice bare bow

Intermediate Recurve – Any member with more than 1 years experience. Either own equipment or club equipment. The bow style will be recurve.

Traditional – Any member. Non sighted bows of traditional recurve, historical or long bow design. Bamboo or wooden arrows. No string walking, no face walking, no sights of any type.

Bare Bow – Any member. Non sighted recurve bows as defined by World Archery rules and Archery New Zealand. String walking and face walking allowed.

Recurve – As defined by World Archery rules and Archery New Zealand

Compound – As defined by World Archery rules and Archery New Zealand

Distances and target faces

  • Novice Recurve shoot at 25m on a 122cm face
  • Intermediate Recurve shoot at 40m on 122cm face
  • Traditional shoot at 40m on 122cm face
  • Bare Bow shoot at 40m on 122cm face
  • Recurve shoot at 60m on 122cm face
  • Compound shoot at 50m on 60cm face

Bad weather conditions – agreed by members on the day. Novice Recurve shoot at 25m on a 122cm face, Intermediate Recurve, Traditional shoot at 30m on 122cm face, Bare Bow shoot at 30m on 80cm face, Recurve shoot at 30m on 60cm face and Compound shoot at 30m on 40cm face

Mana 400 Series Awards


Mana 400 Member Scores. Full table of all scores submitted and searchable by name, date, category or distance

A busy line for the 7th Aug-21 Mana 400